What We Offer: Court Booking

The Mount Pearl Tennis Club features combination locks on our courts, as well as an electronic court booking system. This allows members to use our courts at any time by booking their usage online before visiting the club. Members can book courts a week in advance. If you are a member, and do not have the combination, reach out to our club staff.

Non-members can also book our courts, however, only one day in advance, and only while the club is open. Non-members must pay $5 to play at the club for the duration of the booking up to 1.5 hours. Reach out to our staff via phone or email (during club hours) if you would like to reserve a court.

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Court Booking Fine Print

  • Members and Non-Members may only book two 1.5 hour booking per day. However, if demand is low, additional bookings are allowed in the same day.
  • Members may book 7 days in advance, non-members may book 1 day in advance.
  • Members or non-members receiving private coaching during a court booking time must use club coaches, or the visiting coach must also pay the drop in fee. Group lessons are not permitted without prior executive approval.
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