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Club Championships (2023)

Registration is now available on the Tennis Canada website.  If you haven't previously played a tournament, you may need to set up a free account to register.  Reach out to Thomas if you have any questions.

Cost is $25 for any number of events.

Events include:

  • Men's Singles
  • Women's Singles
  • Men's Doubles
  • Women's Doubles
  • Mixed Doubles
  • Over 60 Men's Singles

As well as categories for beginners and those recreational players new to tennis:

  • Beginner Men's Singles
  • Beginner Women's Singles
  • Co-Ed Beginner Doubles

Main events will consist of best 2 of 3 sets, with 10pt tiebreak as third set.

Consolation rounds, and age based singles will consist of a single set to 8 games.

Beginner/recreational categories will consist of a best 2 out of 3 fast4 format.  A coach or volunteer will be available to help guide play and scoring for the beginner events.

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