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Mount Pearl Open (2022)

The Mount Pearl Open is premier tennis tournament offered by the Mount Pearl Tennis Club each summer.

This tennis tournament is open to club members and members of the public!  Included in registration is lunch on Saturday and snacks throughout the tournament. All events include a main draw and a consolation draw for first round losers.

Defending Champions:

  • Men's Singles: Alistair Bath
  • Women's Singles: Colette Phillips
  • Men's Doubles: Alistair Bath / Robert Salsman
  • Mixed Doubles: Jasmine Rahman / Andrew Hippern

Tournament Information:


Main Draw Winners:

  • Men's Singles: Jared Stokes
  • Women's Singles: Lisa Cook
  • Men's Doubles: Alistair Bath / Declan Walsh
  • Women's Doubles: Christine Hand / Colette Phillips
  • Mixed Doubles: Lisa Cook / Jerry Hoyles
Consolation round winners:
  • Men's Singles: Sam Henderson
  • Women's Singles: Angela Wilcox
  • Men's Doubles: Jody Waye / Matthew Hunter
  • Women's Doubles: Reanna St. Croix / Sara Hawkins
  • Mixed Doubles: Final wasn't played due to scheduling issues, but our finalists were: Jane Henderson / Darroch Jones and Soleil Antle / Paul Antle

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