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The yard sale on June 23rd has been cancelled.

Frosty Festival Mini-Tennis Tournament Information

There will be two separate events for different age groups at different locations:

No tennis experience, or equipment is necessary to participate in either event.

Tournament Draw and Schedule

Will be posted at least 24 hours before each event.

Format and Rules

Each event will be a tournament with up to 16 players participating.  The tournament will include a consolation round for all first round losers, guarenteeing a minimum of 2 matches for all players.  Medals will be awarded to the winner, runner-up, and consolation round winner in each event.


There is no cost to participate.


Racket length is limited to 21.5 inches, or a beginner kids racket suited for ages 4 - 6.  Rackets will be provided at the tournament if you do not have your own.  "Standard Construction" stage 3 red balls will be used for the tournament. 

Match Length

First player to win two sets or a 25 minute time limit.

Time Limit Reached

If the time limit is reached, the player with the most sets won will win the match. If the players are tied in sets, the player with the most games won will win the match. If the players are tied in games, they will play a deciding point to decide the match to be served by the player who would be serving if the game were to continue as normal.

Court Dimensions

Mini-Tennis will be played on a badminton court using the "doubles court first serve" dimensions. This includes the side alleys, but does not include the extra back alley available for singles serves. Two new lines will be added to the court to create the service box in the middle of the court measuring 3 metres from the net.

  Example Court Image
Set Length

The winner of a set will be the player who wins 4 games first.  If tied at 3-3, players will play a 5 point tie-break.

Game Length

The winner of a game is the player who wins 4 points first. No-ad scoring will be used. At 40-40 the receiving player decides on which side to receive. The winner of the subsequent point wins the game.

Special Rules

Only one serve is permitted (no faults and no lets on serve). If a ball makes contact with the net, and continues over on a serve, that ball is in play.

Court Attendants

Court attendants will be availble during play to help with any rule judgements as required. In general, players will be expected to make line calls and rule judgements as they would in a social tennis environment.


If a ball rolls onto the court from another court, one player can call a let, and the point is replayed.

Tournament Chairperson

Thomas Hawkins is the tournament chairperson and can be reached via email at thomas@thehawkinsfamily.ca if there are any pre-tournament questions.


Please use the Google Form below to register for the event.  For a full screen version of the form, click here.