2019 City Days Recreational Player Tournament

This tournament is aimed at the recreational tennis player that may or may not be a member of a club, or have any formal tennis experience.  Players in the tournament will play a number of short matches against similarly skilled (and similar age) players guided by our coaches or volunteers.  Finalists in each division will receive medals, as will the consolation round winner.  If demand is high enough, there will also be a competitive player division.

We will be holding a BBQ for all players starting at 1 pm and running until 3 pm (or we run out of food).

Date: Sunday, July 21, 2019
Location: Mount Pearl Tennis Club
Time: 1 pm to 5 pm
Cost: Free
Register: Register Here!

How Will It Work?

Players will register, and select:

All divisions will be co-ed, however if there are enough players registered with competition experience, they will compete in a separate division.

A volunteer will be available for all matches to help keep score, and enforce the rules of tennis.

All players in all divisions will be guaranteed two matches.

Under 8 and Under 10

Under 8 and under 10 will play on small courts with a red beginner ball.  Matches will consist of a 12 point tie-break (volunteers will be present to keep score).  The ball will be served underhand into the opponents court.  Each player will get two attempts to serve.  Volunteers may help feed the ball to the player if they are have trouble serving.

The tournament will consist of a main draw, and a consolation draw for those who do not advance to the second round.

Under 12, 14 and 16

Under 12, 14, and 16 will play on a standard size court using low compression, or "green dot" balls.  Matches will consist of the best of 3 sets to 4 games, with no ad scoring, and a tie break at 3-3.  The final set will be a 5 point tiebreak (volunteers will be present to keep score).  Players may serve overhand or underhand from the baseline (or underhand from the service line), and the ball must be served cross court into the appropriate service box.  Each player will receive two serve attempts per point.

The tournament will consist of a main draw and a consolation draw for those who do not advance to the second round.

What Do We Do On Tournament Day?