Urgent Update

Evening lessons will resume for Thursday, July 30th!

2018 Survey Results

At the end of the 2018 season, we offered a survey to members asking them about the experience with the club, and asked them to rate the club and our programming.  Below is a summary of the results, some of the key findings, and some planned actions with statuses.  If you are interested in suggesting some ideas, or helping out with one of these initiatives, please let us know.


Overall, participants rated registration as 4.55 out of 5, meaning they were pretty happy with how it worked.  One suggestion was to enable online payment, so that folks could pay with credit card online.


Action Who Status
Enable online payment. Thomas Done - Enabled online payment through Square via invoicing.


Features of the Club

Members were asked to rate their satisfaction with aspects of the club.  Averages are listed below, and those in bold received scores of Below Average (2 or lower out of 5):



Action Who Status
Have staff do a better job of cleaning the facility. Staff  
Offer more tournament option Thomas and Dustin In Progress - Offering a new team tournament and BBQ during opening weekend.
Improve social media activity Meagan and Coaches In Progress - Meagan has taken over social media with a plan to be more active.  Coaches will be instructed to be active as well.  Stephanie Schwartz has joined the executive with plans for social media engagement.
Improve the website by ensuring more regular updates. Thomas Planned - During 2019, will update the website at least once per week.


Junior Programming

Members were asked if they had junior members, and how they rated aspects of the junior program.  Items in bold received scores of Below Average (2 or lower out of 5:


Overall, members are very happy with the junior lesson program, but would prefer better choices for lesson times, more social opportunities outside of lessons, and more tournament options.  Some highlights from the text comments included glowing reviews of the coaches; enjoyment of the "fun" and theme days throughout the year; alternate tournament play for younger kids, perhaps during lesson times; indoor rainy day activities (or indoor lessons during rain days).


Action Who Status
Develop a social program, perhaps like the adult mixer, that players can optionally play in.    
Offer a closed, or alternate format tournament earlier in the year for club players.    
Offer more flexibility in lesson options.    
Build practice wall.  Practice wall may offer more opportunities for junior players. Thomas

In Progress - Working with a developer.

Update: Waiting for City approval.

Explore options for indoor play during rain days.    


Adult Programming

Members were asked to provide feedback about the adult program.  Items in bold received scores of Below Average (2 or lower out of 5):


Overall, members were pleased with the adult program.  The areas for improvement being the quality of lessons, the social opportunities outside of lessons, and the mixer nights (which were supposed to create more social opportunities).  Some of the text comments mentioned that the mixers were a good idea, but not enough variety of players, or needs more beginner players. Leagues were too competitive and intimidating for new players.  Tournament feedback was largely the same: need more beginners, results are predetermined as the best players team up, need more players and bigger draws.


Action Who Status
Introduce different formats for tournaments to entice players to play Thomas and Dustin In Progress - Offering a new tournament type on opening weekend.
Attract more people to mixer nights, especially beginners. Coaches and members Currently hosted right after beginner lessons on Wednesday's.  Need to have coaches and members help promote it more to beginners?


Chase the Ace Winnings

We asked members what we should do with our Chase the Ace winnings from 2017-2018.  Some suggestions include:


Action Who Status
Build practice wall.  Practice wall may offer more opportunities for junior players. Thomas In Progress - Working with a developer.
Collect some photos/videos of play to use for advertising Thomas Planned - Photos of action in the spring league, perhaps some drone footage of play.


Other Feedback

Members were offered an opportunity to provide other, opened feedback.  Some of this included:


Action Who Status
Replace our water clearing equipment at the club.  Our current equipment is old, and in poor shape.    
Advertise tournaments on social media and at other clubs.    
Introduce a day time mixer that can be coordinated by staff/coaches during the day.   Currently emailing members about the feasibility of this.


Feedback About This Feedback?

If you have any feedback about this feedback, or some new ideas, or would like to help out with something, please reach out to Thomas or one of the other executive members.

Last Update: June 19, 2019