AGM Information

Date, Time and Location

Date: Sunday, November 25, 2018
Time: 7 PM
Location: Tennis Clubhouse

What Will Happen At The AGM?

Why Should I Attend?

All adult club members are invited to the AGM.  If you wish to learn more about the operation of the club, support tennis in Mount Pearl, volunteer for a position or run for a position on the executive you should attend the AGM.  See below for a list of executive duties and some volunteer positions from the last season.

What If I Can't Attend?

The Mount Pearl Tennis Club has a proxy process and it works as follows:

  1. Executive/Members who are unable to attend understand that they do not necessarily have to give their power to vote to a proxy. There is no obligation so you should not feel pressured into doing such. If you do not feel comfortable with not being there to represent your own vote than there is no reason to assign a proxy.
  2. Executive/Members who do give their vote to a proxy should be looking for a member/executive who shares the same ideas and opinions, so that the proxy would vote in the same direction as the absent member. This is the main idea behind this concept.
  3. Executive/Members can ask another member/executive to be their proxy, or if a member/executive knows of someone not attending, can volunteer to be that persons proxy, but must keep in mind that the above 2 statements must be met.
  4. The absent member must print and sign the attached proxy letter, and add to it the person they are assigning as their proxy, and then give this letter to your proxy. If someone is out of town/country between now and the meeting date then an email letter would be acceptable. Scanning it in and attaching their signature is preferred.

If you are unable to attend and wish to delagate your vote to another member, please complete the following form: Proxy Form

Positions and Descriptions


Vice President



The below are appointed positions which are full voting members of the executive:

Facilities Manager

Sports Alliance Representative

Tournament Director